Our Story

Hello and welcome to Inspire My Play! My name is Laura, a former Early Years teacher and mama to three young girls. 

Over the past few years I’ve loved creating a playful home environment for my kids and setting up experiences to help them learn and have fun. I’m passionate about the benefits of play in early childhood and that it doesn’t need to be complicated, costly or time consuming to set up!

So in 2018 I decided to start a blog to share some play ideas and suggest interesting resources & supplies for play. This has quickly grown, especially on Instagram, where I now share play ideas with an audience of over 190,000. 

Founder image
Founder image

The PlayTRAY

When I started my blog 18 months ago I never imagined that I would now be launching my first product! The PlayTRAY was born out of my frustration at not finding a purpose-made and practical tray to set up activities for my kids. After a year of searching for the perfect solution I decided it was time to design my own to include all the features I wanted in a play tray.

Top of my wish-list was an air-tight lid so that play activities could be set up & preserved for a few days and little hands could be kept out of it when not in use! I started to sketch down some ideas and after conversations with other mamas the idea developed to include other features such as non-slip feet, a shallow tray built into the lid and removable compartments for all the play supplies & equipment.

Launching a pre-order

To bring my vision alive we enlisted the help of an experienced design company. They helped develop and refine my idea and guided us through the design process, including prototyping the PlayTRAY.

Bringing a new & unique product like this to market requires significant investment so in July we launched a pre-order campaign to raise funds. Thanks to your support we reached our pre-order goal in 3 weeks! 

Founder image

Bringing the product to market

Tooling of the factory is well underway now and progressing smoothly. The company we are working alongside have had experience of bringing many products successfully to market and we have every confidence that this process will continue to progress well..

If you pre-order the PlayTRAY now we anticipate that you will receive it in late November. This remains an estimate and you may receive you purchase earlier or a little later than this. We will endeavour to keep you up to date on progress via our social media channels and will let you know via email if this November date is in doubt at any point. You can learn more about the shipping process on our shipping and returns page and we would also encourage you to read the pre-order terms and conditions (section 20).

Finally, a huge thank you for your support. We hope the PlayTRAY helps lots of kids experience the benefits of play!