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Introducing the PlayTRAY

A tray & storage solution for sensory play, craft and early learning activities. Purpose-designed for home & early years settings.

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PlayTRAY (without compartments)

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Why we love the PlayTRAY

All-in-one solution

Everything you need in one tray: a deep tray, shallow tray and 6 removable compartments, perfect for organising play equipment and supplies.

Purpose-built for play

A self-contained space to play, create and store, all purpose-designed with little ones in mind.

Easy to store

Portable and practical. Multiple trays stack and the compartments are designed to fit onto both trays, for a truly flexible play space.


An air-tight seal around the lid allows play activities to be stored away and returned to another day.


Non-slip silicone feet on both trays help the PlayTRAY stay put, so you can place it on a surface and know it won't move.

Kid and food-safe

Made from BPA-free, FDA food-safe ABS plastic to give you peace of mind whilst your little ones play.

Play ideas

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